Your trip is a story worth telling.

MyAdventure provides a simple way to record and share your motorcycle trip while on the road. The system continuously captures your route, places you stopped at and events that occurred. It automatically makes your photos and notes appear on the map at the precise locations where you took them.
More than 189,038 km shared...

How it Works

Track your route

Record your route and have all interesting places automatically identified for you to keep your friends and fans as close to real experience as possible!

Show your photos

All you need to do is bulk upload your photos. Our system then positions and arranges them along the map and associates them with the places you stopped at automatically.

Tell your story

Write short comments while on the go. They show up along your route and gradually create a short story of your experiences as they happen.

Q & A

Why not a blog?

Writing a blog is a great way to share your experience but entering information in it is entirely manual, requires a lot of time and it is hard to present all details that matter to motorcyclists. In reality most travelers’ blogs are way behind their actual progress on the road.

Why not Facebook?

Posting on Facebook is very handy but it misses the big picture - where did you take the photo, what route did you follow, where did you start and where are you headed now, how did your entire day go. There’s also no good way to visualise related posts from the past.

How does MyAdventure work?

You need to install the MyAdventure mobile app. It is currently only available for Android but we are working on an iOS version too. You can start a new trip, track your route and post comments and photos with this app. For advanced adventurers there’s an additional hardware logger device called BikeLogger which is used alongside the mobile app to provide a superior level of motion tracking. You can find details here.

Do I have to pay to use the service?

No. The basic service is completely free. There are additional feature plans which you can access for an annual fee. You can find a detailed list here.

Specialized Logger Device

We have developed a professional hardware logger device for advanced adventurers. It is built to survive in harsh environments that bring cold, rain, snow, mud, dust and others into the equation.